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Two new top shots in Red Holstein

CLOVER – new Number 1 by total merit index

The RH-bull TGD-Holstein CLOVER (Airship x Brekem x Larson) is one of the few sons of IHG AIRSHIP-ET available in the lineup.

His dam, CLAUDINE-ET, is a daughter of the famous bull Swissbec BREKEM-ET. She was born out of an embryo imported from Holland and in the first lactation was classified GP-84 with the outstanding score of VG-86 for the mammary system. Behind CLAUDINE-ET is a daughter of the very famous bull father LARSON-ET. TGD-Holstein CLOVER shows an outstanding ISET of 1504. He sires a good production of +541 kg milk with strong components of +0.31% fat +0.20% protein. He stands out through his functional traits with an IFF of 146. The somatic cell score is very low (111), the milking speed ideal (110), as is fertility (139) and reproductive lifespan (138). In relation to conformation he has an ITP of 124.

The cows show an ideal size (112) and a lot of chest width (109). The fore udders are compact (120) and the attachment of the rear udders very high (123). The median suspensory is well-developed (115) and the udder depth is high (117) resulting in a high score of 125 for the mammary system.

SINELO - fitness, milk yeld and top udders

Les Verdaux SINELO SG-ET (Incredibull x Aikman x Goldwyn) is the first used son of Riverdown INCREDIBULL.

He originates from a very deep family that stretches back to Stookey Fagin SCARLET-ET EX-94. TGD-Holstein SINDERELLA-ET, the dam of SINELO SG-ET, is a daughter of Gen-I-Beq AIKMAN-ET. She was classified VG-86 in second lactation and with the outstanding score of VG-88 for the mammary system. Behind her is a daughter of Braedale GOLDWYN, TGD Holstein SARABI-ET, who was classified EX-90 in the third lactation. In six lactations she has produced an average of 11968 kg milk with 3.70% fat and 3.18% protein.

Les Verdaux SINELO SG-ET shows an ISET of 1421. With a production of +596 kg milk he also guarantees outstanding components of +0.21% fat and +0.19% protein which corresponds to an IPL of 120. Worthy of mention is his interesting kappa-casein AB. He sires a very low somatic cell score (111), outstanding fertility (124) and very easy calving (115). With an ITP of 123 he presents a very progressive result. The cows show an ideal size (112) with a lot of chest width (109) and a lot of dairy strength (110). Feet and legs are of high quality (102) with an ideal foot angle (113) and high heel depth (114). As regards the mammary system, fore udder attachment is excellent (133), rear udders are highly attached (124) and very wide (115) with a well-developed median suspensory. The udder depth is outstanding (128) and the udder texture is also convincing (113).