Strong Swissgenetics Progeny Show

Progeny group ELAN

Progeny group NELLO

Progeny group PASSAT

Progeny group ROMOLO

Progeny group UDORO

Progeny group VINWAY

Progeny group MADOX

Progeny group BRILEX

Progeny group BUBU

On 22 November 2018 the Swissgenetics Progeny Show was held in Brunegg, Aargau. Over 1,500 visitors, many from neighbouring countries, marvelled at the heirs of Swissgenetics bulls from the Brown Swiss, Original Braunvieh, Red Holstein and Holstein breeds.

Brown Swiss and Original Braunvieh

Fischli's TOP Einstein ELAN

The exhibited ELAN-daughters impressed through the finesse of their physique with strong backlines and firm and wide attached udders.

Pleisch’s Nelgor NELLO

The six strong-udder daughters impressively embodied the main strength of the bull. As expected from the NELGOR x VIGOR combination, the young cows are still not fully developed.

Their strong udder qualities fascinated the large expert audience from Switzerland and abroad. NELLO semen now also available sexed.


The five exhibited single daughters from PASSAT met the high expectations of the complete PASSAT sire.

The solidly built animals with a medium width impressed through a stable backline and through their fine bone structure.

Regarding udder attachment the daughters met all expectations and impressively reflected the udder index of 128.

XDober`s Umberto UDORO

UDORO is in a good position to cover the demand for the ideal grazing bull. His medium-sized daughters show much rib depth and can therefore absorb roughage. The productive daughters impressed with a balanced appearance. The long and wide attachment udders stood out positively through their extreme udder texture.


The four exhibited OB daughters perfectly demonstrated the breeding objective of milk and meat of the dual-purpose breed, Original Braunvieh.

The tall daughters stood out positively with their large capacity and good muscular structure.

As is also obvious from the bar chart, the ROMOLO-daughters impressed through their firm attachment udders and well positioned teats.


Red Holstein and Holstein


The VINWAY-ET-daughters impressed as a very balanced group with good udders. The Don Juan-son VINWAY-ET originates from Vidia Demello MINOLTA, a full-sister of Vidia Demello RAVISANTE.


Desgranges MADOX

The exhibited MADOX-daughters confirmed the strong and balanced type breeding values of their father. The sires showed ideally tilted and wide rumps and strong loins. The udder showed strong median suspensories.

Desgranges MADOX also originates from the same cow family. His dam Vidia DG MISS is also a full-sister of MINOLTA and RAVISANTE.

TGD-Holstein Applejack BRILEX RED RDD

The BRILEX-daughters also impressed through their balance. The son of the popular Marbri APPLEJACK sires a similar siring prototype to his father.

The teat positioning is ideal for use in robot-driven operations. The BRILEX-daughters also scored well for their rumps.

Jacobs BUBU

The exhibited type-strong cow from Jacobs BUBU impressed with its high dairy strength and top udders.