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SIMMENTAL Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2019

Proven sires:

ARON (Alex x Nineron x Hugo) combines positive production and exterior properties with a good fitness index. With over +1200 milk kg and index for performance increase (132) it is right at the top. It also offers top values in somatic cell score, mastitis resistance and long productive life. Also in the exterior it is above average.

MENK (Adi x Niklas x Beat) offers a high milk yield and a good protein content as well as a very good beef yield. In terms of functional traits, it has its strengths in the breeding value of somatic cell score, persistency and production increase. His daughters are above average in size, wide and deep and have wide and correctly inclined rumps. MENK is also characterized by Kappa casein BB and Beta casein A2A2.

Top genomic bulls (Optimis):

New releases:

COLIN (Rafaele x Hugo x Nineron) is a new genomic bull with good production characteristics (IPL 116) and positive fat and protein values. Among the top functional characteristics, his good values for somatic cell score, mastitis resistance and long productive life are striking. Also his positive inherited calving ease of the daughters is remarkable. COLIN is characterised by the robot logo and the pasture logo.

MACAO (Citron x Apollo x Nero) is the second new addition to the genomic Simmental bulls with good fitness index. Also to be emphasized is its good value for somatic cell score. MACAO is equipped with the robot logo and the pasture logo.

Top genomic bulls (Optimis):

CORVI (Leon x Apollo x Lohner) comes from an experienced mother with very high contents. Also his father lets expect a high milk inheritance. The good udder evaluation makes him very attractive. With Kappa-Kasein AB and positive ingredients, CORVI is recommended for cheese dairies. It has the robot logo and is also available as sexed and SpermVital.

LUTZ (Flavio x Roman x Maendu) from the famous Roman LIVIA (EX93) impresses with its exceptional udder rating, high functionality and expressive exterior. Further highlights are his high protein values, the inheritance of a long productive life and his good calving ease. Lutz is also sexed available.

UNIKAT (Fabbio x Nordpol x David) offers both: production properties and conformation. In addition to positive milk components, Kappa Casein BB and Beta Casein A2/A2 makes Unikat interesting. In terms of functional traits, his good NRR and, in addition to its productive life, the calving ease are also positively in focus. With its high global note in conformation and especially because of its high udder value, it is in high demand. UNIKAT has the pasture logo.