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RED HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights August 2019

New proven sires:   

ALO-YORK (Brekem x Observer x Mitey) thanks to his interesting bloodline (without Apple) this widely usable Brekem-son, has risen with the first producing daughters to 1347 points in the ISET (+16). +1,109 kg milk, +0.19% protein -0.01% fat confirm his strong production figures. His udder index of 117 and the far back teat positioning have earned ALO-YORK the Robot Label. The fitness figures are also above-average with the long-longevity figure (118) standing out in particular.  

REDSTREAM (Redburst x Goldwyn x Talent): The Redburst-son without Apple blood has exhibited impressive heifers in show rings. He has now proven himself with producing daughters as a conformation sire: his figures for type (125), udders (125) and dairy strength (132) are excellent. The fat index of -0.28% should be considered in mating. Otherwise REDSTREAM increases to a good +718 kg milk with indifferent protein percentages.

ALADIN (Brekem x Demello x Mr. Burns) from the Demello RAVISANTE family, is a complete, new-classified bull without extremes and without any major faults. Balanced production figures with positive components, a zero-defect conformation bar chart and beta-casein A2/A2 make ALADIN stand out.

Proven sires:

RED IMPULSE (Alchemy x Jordan x Sayso) remains, with an increasing number of proven daughters, a top sire with balanced values for milk production, good fat content (+0.25%) and conformation breeding values. The top seller from the now almost 15-year old World and European champion, Jordan IRENE EX-97 6E, also has good fitness traits.

RED IMPULSE, the best Irene-son, is now also available with sexed semen.

Optimis (genomic) bulls:

New releases

AIROLO (Atomar x Bigstar x Numero Uno) new with high production indexes (+1,164 kg milk with 0.19% fat and 0.39% protein), type (132 ITP, 129 udder) and fitness (115 IFF, 127 longevity).  AIROLO’s dam is the young high-performance cow A-L-H Bigstar BACCARDI, who shows Apple x Uno in her pedigree. Kappa-casein BB is another plus point in AIROLO’s bull sheet.

AIROLO is available both conventionally and with sexed semen.

LEASER P (Lucky x Bigstar x Numero Uno): AIROLO’s maternal half-brother shows outstanding indexes for production with +1,277 kg milk and positive components. Further strengths are good feet and legs (128) and udders (122) and low somatic cell scores (122). LEASER P heterozygote polled.

BRONNEUS P (Lucky x Olympian x Mr. Savage) is an exciting heterozygote polled from the famous Olympian BRONNIA. BRONNEUS P has immediately reached the top of the RH bulls with its ISET value of 1557. Alongside moderate indexes for milk (+695 kg), the sensational 162 for fitness with 158 for longevity and 152 for fertility stand out! 

EVERT (Jacot x Armani x Stadel) from the European Vice-Champion Libramont 2019 and Swiss National Champion Plattery Armani BROOK convinces, as expected, with its indexes for conformation, with 133 ITP, 129 udder, 125 feet and legs.

Secure yourself the genes from the exceptional Armani BROOK, also available with sexed semen, with EVERT!

Top Optimis bulls

ALESIO-SG (Salvatore x Kingboy x Numero Uno)BRENACO (Power x Seneca x Man o Man) and DREAMSON P  (Apoll x Aiko x Snowman) confirm their strong indexes for production and conformation.