Unic’s heritage - cows impress in the show ring – good sons are available



Unic Akaley

After the Swiss Expo in Lausanne, UNIC is again in the mouth from several Simmental pure breeders. Grand Champion in Lausanne was Bergermatten Unic AKALEY, Reserve Grand Champion was Tur-Bach Unic BETHIA and the Reserve Udder Champion title went to Dubach Unic XAMIRA. After this great cows, farmers ask to get UNIC semen, but there is no more semen available.

NOW you have the chance to get semen from several sons out of UNIC. The best son from him is SIPAN, he transmits high indexes with +941kg milk, +0.10% fat and +0.21% protein. In conformation traits he has a ITP from 112 with an udder index of 114.

Another bull is MARIO, he transmit high fat and protein % and an ITP with 114 and good beef traits with 111.

The third daughter proven bull is ANDRIN. He comes with positive fat and protein %, ITP of 112 and a good calving easy.

We also offer Optimis bulls like FABRICE and WALDEMAR, with good production skills and calving easy next to good conformation traits. And the newest Optimis bull is BASCHI. He convinces with high milk +706kg and positive protein and an ITP of 111.

These are only a few UNIC’s sons. For more information please check our website or contact your distributor.