Thanks for your visit at the International Lounge @ Swiss Expo

Swissgenetics Cow Display

Beelis Biver TARA

Salomon SARINA

Astronom GALILEA

It’s already two and a half weeks ago, as we were part of the Swiss Expo in Lausanne. Swissgenetics had the chance to show some nice cows from daughter proven bulls like: BIVER, SALOMON, ALASKO (BS), RED IMPULSE, CYRANO (RH), SMARKT, GOLRIANO (HO), HAKON (OB), ASTRONOM (SF) and FLORIN (SI).

The cow Beelis Biver TARA presented at the daughter-display from Swissgenetics, could win the Intermediate Udder Champion title. Other cows from our display could impressed in the ring as well as Salomon SARINA, first in her class Brown Swiss; Astronom GALILEA won Udder Champion on the Swiss Fleckvieh show.

We welcomed visitors from 14 different countries in our Lounge. Swissgenetics says thank you for coming and wishes you a successful breeding year 2018!