SWISS FLECKVIEH Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2018

Dam: Stadler FLEURETTE

Wildenegg Hardy P UMBRELLA

New Proven Bulls

FLORINO (Vinos x Stadler x Seewilio) is a son of the two-time SWISS-EXPO winner Stadler FLEURETTE EX-96. He passes on her extraordinary conformation with ITP at 134 (Nr.1 in Switzerland). His profile does not contain many disadvantages and with Kappa Casein BB he is the ideal bull for cheese producing milk. His milking speed (113) and the calm character of his daughters (114) are also remarkable.

Trachsel's Ladd HARDY P (Ladd x Loyd x Prism) passes on excellent udders (133) combined with yield, contents, low SCC, fitness and Kappa Casein BB. He is polled heterozygote. With all his qualities it’s no wonder he was the overall most used SF bull in the last 2 years. 

Amacher’s Costa LEANDRO (Costa x Pickel x Kain) is the second positive son of Pickel LYDIA (over 118‘000 kg milk in 13 Lactations). Currently LEANDRO is the Nr. 1 Sire for IVF. His daughters are tall and are wide with a good muscularity. Despite giving birth to big calves, LEANDRO has good figures in calving ease. His breeding values milk (+525) and SCC (104) are also worthy of remark. 

FLIMS (Lons x Voltaire x Merkur) with ITP 128, he is one of the top conformation bulls with medium size, excellent udders (127) and good feet & legs (112). Furthermore his fitness figures (IFF 114) and breeding values for fat, protein and SCC are above average. 

ROMAN-ET (Morris x Sten x Bipop) comes out of MORRIS (Joyboy x Rubens Galante). He descends from a father line barely seen in Swiss Fleckvieh. With +994 kg milk and 111 IVF. He incarnates dual purpose at a high level! Kappa Casein BB, calving ease and teats (127) are also among his strengths. ROMAN‘s daughters show a lot of deepness, high attached udders, and smooth feet & legs. With his teat length (127) ROMAN can be used to correct short teats in some SF lines. 

KLEO (Valdo x Renato-ET x Bistein) has good breeding values in milk (+698 kg) and contents. With SCC at 113 he is one of the best bulls in udder health. Besides for meat, he is above the average (IVF 105). Worth of notice his nice udders (127) and the ideal teats.

Good Genomic Bulls:

HAMILTON P (Hardy P x Dembro x Stadel) is an early son of HARDY P with outstanding genomic values for milk, fat and protein. His family impresses with extreme lifetime production records. 

SAMU PP (Laptop P x Rally x Colenz) is the first Swiss Fleckvieh bull which transmits 100% natural polled calves, this with lots of milk and great udders!