RED HOLSTEIN Prolific Swiss genetics in Romania

Emilut Gaina (1st from the right), Liviu Peica (3rd from the right) and Secretary of State Mr. Dumutriu Daniel Botăniu (3rd from left)

Peica LEONARD Anisoara

A Rumanian dairy farmer, consistently using Swiss Red Holstein genetic for over a decade, open his doors. The results are impressive!

It all began with a trip to Switzerland

In 2005 the Romanian dairy farmer Liviu Peica, then aged 39, visited Switzerland. With our subsidiary company, Biagen Swiss, various Red Holstein farms where visited.

Mr Peica was so impressed, he decided to import 20 pregnant red Holstein heifers to Romania. VIANCO, a Swiss livestock trading company, supported him in this matter. Since then, only Swissgenetics Red Holstein semen, sold by Biagen Swiss in Romania, has been used.

Currently the stock is inseminated with ISOR, RUSTY, BASIST, and our top bull RED IMPULSE.

Inauguration with impressed visitors

On Tuesday may 1st the new barn was inaugurated at the presence of Mr. Dumutriu Daniel Botăniu, secretary of state for agriculture.

Over 250 visitors where impressed by the new building, which hosts 230 heads, including young stock.

Since December 2017 the 130 lactating cows are milked by 2 Lely A4 milking robots. Mr. Peica is the first Romanian breeder milking all his cows automatically.
The barn was built on western standard, with a lot of comfort for the animals (barn cleaner, feed pusher, automatic brush).

In 2017 the average production was 8‘881 kg of milk, 4.15% fat and 3.35% protein. 4 cows performed more than 12’500 kg of milk.

The top producer is LEONARD daughter ANISOARA, with a 3rd lactation of 12’913 kg of milk, contents 3.82% fat and 3.15% protein.

Swissgenetics attended the event with Director Stefan Felder and Export Sales Manager Thomas Feitknecht.

Swissgenetics would like to thank the Biagen Swiss team for their engagement and Mr. Peica for his loyalty.

We wish them all the best for the future!