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HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2018

New proven sires: 

Ginary NOLWEN (Supersire x Oman x Goldwyn) is a top-fitness bull with good production and transmits positive fat and protein content. NOLWEN convinces with its balanced conformation, he inherits wide and high rear udders with great teats (position and length). 

Baugosse MILTON (Doberman x Goldwyn x Merchant) comes with a milk yield of over + 1’408 kg. He pass on good fitness skills with easy birth and low cell counts with good fertility and longevity.

Jacobs BUBU (Let it Snow x Goldwyn x Jasper) honors his family with his first proof. The son of Jacobs Goldwyn BRITANY has an outstanding semen fertility and the first 55 linear scored daughters are showing power trough the whole body with extra wide and high rear udders which are good attached. Correct placed teats complete his complete profile.

Optimis (genomic bulls):

New releases

Claynook RANDY SG (Randall x Silver x McCutchen) is a high production bull with high components. Somatic cell score, productive life, daughter fertility, calving ease and a good milking temperament are more arguments for this outstanding bull, who transmits good feet & legs with long lasting udders. Moreover in Canada, he shows also his qualities with 3372 GLPI. His dam Claynook Silver FABBY-ET scored VG 87 in her first lactation – genomics and cow families – RANDY as a good example for the breeding strategy at Swissgenetics.

Frauchwil KERRIMAN (Kerrigan x Doorman x Bolton) goes over CINDERELLE back to the ROXY family. Out of the same family string is also the positive progeny tested bull SMARAKT. His functional traits convince next to the very complete conformation profile with good production by lots of protein.

Koepon ORANJE (Gatedancer x Silver x O Style) was so interesting for Swissgenetics that he did get imported from the Netherlands. The foundation cow of this interesting pedigree is Rudy MISSY. Lots of milk, high components and great udders with high udder health will guarantee to high profitability in the long turn.

Optimis (genomic sires).

Castel BAD RC (Bankroll x Mogul x Demello) is an absolute top udder sire. In Switzerland, he leads this index with 145 and on the Canadian LPI index he has a direct genomic value of +14 for mammary systems. The early Bankroll son out of the Demello RAVISANTE family is also red carrier. His long longevity and the low somatic cell score stand notably out. 

TGD-Holstein ROMANUS PP (Powerball x Ladd x Toystory) is the first homozygote polled Holstein bull at Swissgenetics. This bullimpresses with his high production traits with +1’075 kg milk and positive fat and protein contents. In the fitness traits, he also sires very high fertility (122) and a high index for long production life (128). ROMANUS is also able to sire high and silky udders with a wide rear attachment udder and a lot of dairy strength. His first born calves convince!