Attractive Red Holstein bull. For the May update, we present a newly classified


Desgranges MADOX-ET

(LADD x DEMELLO x MrBURNS) He is the new classified bull and a son of LADD-ET P out of a Demello daughter who was classified GP-84 in the first lactation. This breeding line continues to spread and leaves its mark. The mother of MADOX-ET is a full sister of Vidia Demello RAVISANTE EX-91 3E, who is none other than the mother of the Mogul son Castel TABASCO-ET. She is also the maternal grandmother of the two Optimis stars Swissbec POWER-ET RED and Castel BAD RDC. MADOX-ET has a very balanced result with an ISET of 1'269. He inherits a good production of +580 kg of milk with + 0.05% protein. His IFF of 122 guarantees a low cell count (116), excellent fertility (113), good persistency (111), and long producting life (114). Its strength is the exterior with an ITP of 124. With a rating of 122 in the frame he makes very large cows (122), with a lot of chest width (110) and dairy character (117). As the son of LADD-ET P, he has a very strong rump with a score of 120. He has an ideal rump angle (108), extremely wide pin (119) and very strong loins (124). Feet and legs are ideal with 110 and in the mammary system has a score of 117 on. The fore udders are well attached (115), the udder very wide (120), the texture is excellent (122), the udder depht very high (120) and the median suspensory strong (117).