SIMMENTAL Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2018


Dam: Tur-Bach Apollo BELLA

Progeny Proven Bulls

MENK (Adi x Niklas x Beat) persuades with high milk yields, good protein content and excellent meat yield. His daughters are big, wide and deep and have nice placed rumps. Udders and feet and legs are good, the teats are short and nicely placed. He also passes on Kappa Casein BB.

MIRK (Alisso x Glacier x Florian) combines IVF 126 and +538 kg of milk at a superb level, what we wish of the Simmental cows. His daughters are not too big but have a lot of depth and style. A smooth bone structure combined with correct feet and legs characterizes his progeny. The silky udders are long and high attached. MIRK‘s mother Glacier Maya obtained the global note 97 in 3rd lactation while his grandmother Florian MALAIKA calved for the 12th time in last spring, with a total lifetime production of over 85‘000 kg of milk.

SANDRO (Cowboy x Lorenz x Fleuron): His mother Lorenz SASKIA produced over 60‘000 kg of milk in 9 lactations while her full sister SHAKIRA has obtained high conformation notes, being in her 7th lactation. SANDRO’s daughters are not too big, have good muscles with excellent feet and legs. Worth of notice also his good figures in contents and milking speed.

Tur-Bach Unic BALTASAR (Unic x Saemi x Firm) is the direct descendant of a high producing family. This shows off in his impressive ISET (1271), with + 1’018 kg in milk and positive contents (+0.21 % F, +0.23% P). BALTASAR’s progeny also achieved good values in meat yield.

Tur-Bach Costa BERTRAM (Costa x Apollo x Firn-ET): IPL 130, Milk +1’729 kg, Fat +74 and Protein +52 are impressive figures. His mother, Tur-Bach Apollo BELLA EX-91, averaged 9’597 kg of milk (4.25 F & 3.43 P) in 9 lactations and his grandmother BELOTE over 110’000 kg in 14 lactations. BERTRAM is your bull if you want to fill your milk tank!

Good Genomic Bulls:

IVAN (Rafaele x Lorenz x Toni) out of an incredible long-lasting cow family: 3 generations with 30 lactations! IVANs proof is very balanced.

FIGO (Amarone x Roman x Aldor) promises functionality and top conformation – also he comes from a top family: mother and grandmother with over 70’000 kg life time production.