SF: King bull with royal numbers

Fors vo dr Lueg with Matthias Sempach

Last December FORS VO DR LUEG  was classed for the second crop thanks to good progeny testing. However, the reliability of his breeding values was still relatively low and we excitedly awaited the breeding values in April. And then it was confirmed what we had presumed. Fors cows really produce a lot of milk and no other bull has overcome the basic adjustment better than he has. With 76 daughters in the evaluation, his milk breeding value is now +512 kg with -0.11% fat and +0.13% protein. He has proven himself in his conformation and has improved in the ITP to 116 points. In the fitness figures and in the IVF he loses slightly, but what remains exemplary is the excellent milk yield and the calm character of the daughters.

The owner of the bull is the wrestling champion Matthias Sempach. Schwingen, or Swiss wrestling, is the national sport of Switzerland that may only be practised by amateurs. The Swiss Wrestling Championships are held every three years. The winner is called the Wrestling King and wins a bull. At the Swiss Wrestling Championships in 2013 in Burgdorf, Matthias Sempach won FORS VO DR LUEG.