ORIGINAL BRAUNVIEH Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2018

Romolo TINA

Optimis sire with first daughters in calf:

ROY (Edual x Vento x Zauber): with this bull we are ready to have the right substitute of ORELIO. After a very good start in August, the new milking daughters are helping him to do another jump up. Now he is a complete bull, the right choice to improve important traits like milk Kg, protein, SCS, lactation persistency, all type traits and the beef traits in one generation.

Proven sires:

ROMOLO (Rino x Rico x Olino) this bull is a big specialist for components, type and mammary system, ROMOLO has top deviations for Fat % and Protein %. He is AB for k-casein and his pedigree is deep and includes lot of cows with an incredible longevity.

ORELIO (Winzer x Voeris x Leo) Our best bull is close to be sold out, don’t wait more time if you like to order his semen! Tomorrow might be too late.

MINOR (Adelio x Funker x Melino): with 97% of reliability based on 345 daughters Minor has a complete profile for dairy and beef production too. Milk kg, all traits of udder index and his beef’s proof are the highlights of his December proof. He is A2A2 for beta casein.


Optimis (genomics):

RUBIO (Valido x Rio x Reno): If we are looking for a new genomic bull with a nice genomic index and at the same time with a special dam on his pedigree, Rubio is for sure the right choice! His dam is Rio RUBINA EX95, she has won every show during the last 2 years!

RUBIN (Roy x Veri x Voeris): First available son of our new star ROY! Complete genomic profile and he is BB for k-casein. Dam is EX93 and grand dam is EX92.

ARCAS (Lordan x Hecht x Gral)Our best genomic OB bull with a high GZW has just added his new semen fertility index and now it’s not easy to find something wrong on his profile!

VAJAO (Runzli x William x Waldo): With this bull we can add to our portfolio an all-round bull with very good indexes for milk Kg and SCS, at the same time he is BB for K-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

MINISTER (Valido x Hecker x Vento): He is a son of VALIDO with a different genomic profile. He is the only one bull available with an index for Milk Kg over +1450. At the same time, he is very good for the type functional traits and he is positive for all beef traits!! He is A2A2 for beta casein.

All these five bulls are available with sexed semen!!