ORIGINAL BRAUNVIEH Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights April 2018

Romolo TINA

New releases

ROMOLO (Rino x Rico x Olino): With this bull we are adding to our great line-up of the Original Braunvieh breed. A big specialist for components, type and mammary system, Romolo has top deviations for fat % and protein %, he is AB for k-casein and his pedigree is deep and full of cows with an incredible longevity.

Proven sires

ORELIO (Winzer x Voeris x Leo): Run after run Orelio has increased his top genomic indexes and he continues to be the best proven bull of the OB breed by far. We have never had a bull like Orelio and it is not easy to find anything wrong on his profile! Everything is in the right place and he is the easy choice if you want to improve the production functionality and longevity of your OB cows. He is BB for k-casein!

Bucher's Vento LUDWIG (Vento x Remigi x Milton): This is the second run for Ludwig, the proven bull and after a great start last December he has improved all his production traits. He remains a top bull for the udder composite index and he is one of our best bulls for calving ease.

VERO U-BACH (Lukas x Diamant x Merlo): This bull perfectly complements our OB lineup. He is the right bull to improve components and longevity and at the same he is confirming his leadership for type and udder composite. He is A2A2 for beta casein.

Optimis (genomics)

JORAT (Joel x Edual x Voeris): Jorat has once more confirmed his solid genomic profile. Jorat can transmit high performances for protein % and kg, for udder composite, for longevity and milking speed. Now Jorat is available with conventional, sexed and SpermVital semen!

ARCAS (Lordan x Hecht x Gral)The sire of this bull is Lordan, one of the best genomic bulls of the last three years, Arcas has a total merit index (GZW) of 1246 points. This number easily makes him the best genomic bull of the Original Braunvieh population in Switzerland. No doubt that Arcas will be the star of this breed over the next few months and even years!

WAEDI (Valido x Kilian x Gold), VULKAN (Valido x Karlo x Denar) and VAJAO (Runzli x William x Waldo) are the newly available genomic OB bulls. The genomic results have confirmed that these bulls could help us to improve quality of production with great components and low somatic cell scores. At the same time these bulls are showing top numbers in the udder composite index. All three bulls are BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein!!