HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights April 2018

Lindya Doormann PIPPA

Smarakt DANICA

New Optimis sires (genomic sire):

Grand Clos PINCH (Upright x Doorman x Fever) stands out in all functional traits and has a breathtaking pedigree. From Swiss breeders, he is a son of the very highly esteemed bull UPRIGHT (KINGBOY from the ROXY family). He also comes from a proven mother bloodline with a dam who was the first milk cow classified with GP-84, a grand-dam classified with EX-91 2E, and Windy-Knoll-View PLEDGE EX-95 as a base dam further back in the pedigree. His genomic profile is equally impressive as it does not reveal one single gap. PINCH guarantees positive components (+0.12% fat and +0.19% protein) with a remarkable ISET of 1,596! PINCH will also sire to his heirs a good functionality given the IFF of 140, in particular he guarantees calving ease and shows an unbelievable fertility index of 134. In relation to the conformation, PINCH will light up the eyes of more than one breeder with these types of complete scores. He sires a lot of width in the chest and in the rump and extremely solid loins. He shows perfect leg angulations which does not happen frequently and guarantees a very strong fore udder attachment. PINCH also sires an ideal teat length with a good teat positioning.

Aija Supershot GERALD (Supershot x Flame x Fearnear) this SUPERSHOT son continues to improve his production breeding values: Milk (+2,240 kg), fat (+0.03%) and protein (+0.11%). In the conformation the top dairy strength and top udder values confirm these indexes. Good indexes for calving ease, fertility and longevity make GERALD a complete Optimis bull.

Desgranges BRETON (Fitz x Explode x Man-O-Man) impresses with the high breeding values in milk (+2,206 kg) and protein (+0.09%). BRETON has further strengths in mammary system (121), limb dimensions (120) and in the functional traits of somatic cell score and longevity.

Optimis (genomic sires):

Castel BAD RC (Bankroll x Mogul x Demello) is an absolute top udder sire. He has an udder index of 144 and is the highest Swiss Holstein bull. On the proof base of Canada LPI index he has a direct genomic value of +19. BAD for mammary systems and is a red carrier bull. BAD has a milk value of +853 kg and positive fat and protein contents. Also with its fitness indexes, the Bankroll son is at a superb level. His long longevity and the low somatic cell score stand out in particular.

TGD-Holstein Powerball ROMANUS PP (Powerball x Ladd x Toystory) is the first homozygote polled Holstein bull at Swissgenetics. A bull that impresses with his high production traits with over 1,100 kg milk and positive fat and protein contents. In the fitness traits, he also sires very high fertility (128) and a high index for longevity (128). ROMANUS also sires high and silky udders with a wide rear attachment udder and a lot of dairy strength. ROMANUS is available from Swissgenetics as a Selexyon4M.

TGD-Holstein Powerball COHEN P RC (Powerball x Destined x Lawn Boy) is a red carrier bull with AB for kappa casein and A2A2 for beta-casein. COHEN is heterozygote polled and comes from the same farm as ROMANUS PP. COHEN. With his very high breeding value for milk (+1,740 kg) and positive milk contents (f+0.01%/p+0.20%) and with a low somatic cell score and easy calving, he is a very complete bull. In the conformation index he impresses with a lot of dairy character (131) and good udders (118).

Walnutlawn SUNLIGHT (Commander x McCutchen x Lavanguard) is the only available son worldwide from SUMMER. He is high in conformation with +13, mammary system +11, feet & legs +12 and dairy strength +7. His top LPI scores are: 105 for mastitis resistance, 2.71 for SCS, 105 for longevity and 107 for daughter calving ability. SUNLIGHT’s production traits are: 1,011 kg in milk, +0.25% fat and +0.09% protein. C-casein AB and β -casein A2/A2. (Canadian Values)

Proven sires:

La Prairie GOLRIANO (Bookem x Goldwyn x Quartz) The daughter proven bull, GOLRIANO, increased his breeding value for milk from +1,775 kg to an impressive +2,151 kg with his 335 daughters! Furthermore he shows positive protein content +0.16% and is low in somatic cell score (107). His daughters show wide rear attachment udders and a lot of dairy strength.

Frauchwil SMARAKT (Supersire x Bolton x Goldwyn) The Supersire son SMARAKT sires a good milk yield (+1,684 kg) and a positive protein content (0.01%). His strengths are in the low somatic cell score (126) and longevity (120). SMARAKT is a bull that sires easy calving. His conformation stands out with a wide chest and wide rear attachment udder. SMARAKT comes from the same family as the high conformation bull CONTROL.

Castel TABASCO RC (Mogul x Demello x Mr Burns) the red carrier MOGUL son is available as daughter-proven. He confirms his production traits with positive fat (0.32%) and protein (0.24%) values. TABASCO is a complete bull with a fitness trait of 110 and a very positive conformation (127). His high udder index stands out and shows a high udder suspension as well as a high udder depth.