Swissgenetics bulls convince at Italian National Brown Swiss Show

Classwinner Loca Falk CHIARA

Strong Blooming heifer: Pedrini Blooming BLOOMITY

On the first week of February the National Brown Swiss show in Verona took place.

More than 40% of the announced animals of the show where sired by Swissgenetics bulls and at the end of the show we are very happy about the results of these animals.

An old cow sired by PAT-ET has been the cow of the Year, a daughter of FANTASTIC just fresh for the second time has been the best udder of the young cow’s classes, another 2 year old cow sired by FALK has won her class and after that she has been Honorable Mention of the young cows. Several other heifers and cows sired by NESCARDO, GENOX-BOY, BLOOMING, ANIBAL, NATIONAL, ALASKO, ASTRO, ALINO, JOLDEN, GLENNCORE, DALLAS, BIVER and NORWIN have been on the best three places of several classes.

BLOOMING has had the Grand Champion and the Reserve Grand Champion of the junior show. These results are clearly telling us that Swissgenetics is leading the conformation ranking of the bulls with more than only one bull and our bulls can produce the right heifers for conformation but much more important the right cows for high production and high longevity.