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Swiss Fleckvieh: Two interesting bulls from the pasture breed


Meat, Somatic Cell Score, Fertility 

Amacher’s Costa LEANDRO is a half-brother of the fitness bull LONS and thereby already the second positive son of Pickel LYDIA who in 13 lactations has produced over 118 000 kg milk.

The cow family impresses with a lot of type, good milk yield and low somatic cell scores.

LEANDRO is currently the best Swiss Fleckvieh bull for meat yield with IVF 117.

The female progeny is also big, wide and muscled well above-average.

LEANDRO is a son of COSTA and carries 67% Simmental blood in his pedigree.

Of note is his positive milk breeding value of +477 kg with good somatic cell scores (106).

All fitness traits are over 100.

He also has an ideal milking speed with an average of 2.81 kg per minute.

His conformation siring is very good for frame. Despite big calves he delivers favourable calving ease.



Udders, Milk Content, Fitness

Trachsel’s Ladd HARDY P was the most used Ssiss Felckvieh-bull for two years.

He has now impressively confirmed his expectations with a strong progeny result.

He combines performance, conformation and fitness at the highest level and achieves a considerable meat output.

His udder composite is outstanding with Index 137. The udders are extremely high and widely attached and very silky.

HARDY is a super-bull for cheese-making operations, with an extremely high fat (+0.23 %) and protein content (+0.24%), low somatic cell scores (101) and thereby the desired kappa-casein type BB. He sires a very high milking speed of 112.

The polled HARDY also transmits 50% of the requested polled gene to his progeny and is undoubtedly the most important cornerstone for successful polled breeding of Swiss Fleckvieh.