SWISS FLECKVIEH Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2017

Seematter Tauron JESSI

Rubin Fors ANNA

Daughter group of ORLANDO

New releases:

TAURON (Lons x Voltaire x Tiemo) is the first daughter- proven son of LONS and #1 in ISET from all Swiss Fleckvieh bulls in Switzerland. TAURON has the features expected from a Swiss Fleckvieh cow such as a low somatic cell score, high milk components and a top conformation. Furthermore is very good for cattle insemination, due to his easy calving.

FORS VO DR LUEG (Orsay x Loyd x Valiant) transmits, with ORSAY as his father, a little bit of another father bloodline in the breed Swiss Fleckvieh. FORS VO DR LUEG transmits a good milk yield with a lot of protein to his daughters. Another of this specialties is his conformation.

Proven sires:

BARBADOS (Ophir x Stadler x Ozean) is the first daughter-proven Ophir son with a high milk production level (+626kg). The BARBADOS daughters have a high fertility and in conformation they convince with the good rump angle, their udder attachment and their muscularity. With his easy calving BARBADOS can easily be used heifers. The dam and grand-dam of BARBADOS are still alive and have both >90,000kg lifetime production.

Choosecreek Cocorossa DONALD (Cocorossa x Sokrates x Pickel) is the first Cocorossa son with a positive proof. With an average milk production yield, high components, low cell counts, he represents the breeding goal of the Swiss Fleckvieh breed. With a global note of 125 for conformation and 123 for udder composite, DONALD transmits a very high conformation.

Wildenegg Grock FREESTYLER (Grock x Colenz x Pickel) remains the #2 for ITP (overall) with an index of 125. FREESTYLER's daughters yield well, with good protein components. FREESTYLER also transmits positive beef traits. 

FRISCO (Puk x Stadel x Kain) is quite clearly #1 for the breeding value SCS, with an index figure of 116. FRISCO offers extremely high levels of milk constituents: +0.66% fat and +0.30% protein. With a calving index of 114, FRISCO is well-suited for heifer insemination. FRISCO comes from a very long living family, three generations with more than 10 lactations. His mother Stadel FRIOLA is still alive and has a lifetime production over 90,000kg milk. FRISCO is also available as sexed semen.

JACK (Larsson x Saemi x Vulkan) is a late son of Larsson which transmits to his daughter high milk components and a top conformation. With his pedigree, JACK can be used suitably in the Swiss Fleckvieh population (free from RENATO, PICKEL and STADEL blood). 

ORLANDO (Renato x Loyd x Pickel) sires good milk potential with very high protein components (+0.20%). Attractive features of his daughters are their impressive conformation, including outstanding feet and legs and perfect udders. ORLANDO promises long longevity, which is also present in his pedigree. ORLANDO is very good for heifer inseminations, due to his easy calving.

Bellevue Pierolet PANCHO (Pierolet x Hintri x Tulip) increases his ISET level up further to 1,181 index points. PANCHO also increases his value for milk yield and has also high fat and protein contents. Next to his positive beef features his daughters also show very good conformation with strong udders.

SWINDAL (Puk x Vitelle x Sten) sires a high conformation. The daughters have a lot of type and body depth with large and good structured rumps and a lot of elegance. The SWINDAL daughters have very good feet and legs with strong attached udders. SWINDAL also transmits high beef production traits.

More good Swiss Fleckvieh Bulls in Swissgenetics lineup:

BRIAN, EDISON (sexed available), DEKAN, and SAIKO.