SIMMENTAL Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights April 2018

Daughters FLAVIO


Proven sires:

BRISAGO (Dario x Talent x Flims) is the first DARIO son with a positive daughter-proven result. The clear strength of BRISAGO is the conformation of his daughters, which impress with good feet and legs, a very long fore udder and also the high attachment and bright rear udders. 

Rosenhof Nineron BURLAN (Nineron x Sandro x Vulkan) confirms with his daughters in the second lactation, his complete breeding value result. BURLAN sires very good udders with positive milk components. BURLAN also has ease of calving and high beef production traits.

FLAVIO (Volfleur x Magnum x Munter) is currently the top bull of the Simmental breed for conformation, especially for its udder. FLAVIO also sires a positive protein content (+0.09%). For reasons of easy calving, FLAVIO is very good for heifer insemination. As his progenitors, FLAVIO promises long-living cows, with his high herd life breeding value. As his half-brother FABBIO is completely sold out, interested breeders can use FLAVIO as his replacement without any problem.

FLORIN (Roman x Kristall x Aldor) is an absolute top sire. FLORIN sires an excellent conformation and is #1 in the Simmental breed together with AMARONE. In addition to his high beef traits FLORIN sires a low SCS and a high fat and protein content.

NORMAN (Roman x Leo x Beat) has a positive result for milk and meat yields: the perfect dual-use profile. NORMAN also sires high protein content, good feet and legs and well-attached udders with long fore-udders. 

RAFAELE (Kristall x Benno x Faust) remains #1 of the Simmental breed for overall breeding value (ISET). RAFAELE has the same dam as the very well-known bull ROMAN. RAFAELE sires good milk yields, high milk components and low SCS. He also has very good all-round conformation and ensures calving ease, which round off his strong results. 

SIPAN (Unic x Senn x Bello) remains #1 among Simmentals for production breeding value (IPL) with high milk yield and for the components fat and protein. SIPAN sires excellent udders and firm feet and legs. SIPAN is a perfect dual purpose bull as he sires both a high milk yield and a good meat yield.