RED HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2018

Red Impulse ANJA

Dam: Anderstrup Aiko DREAMGIRL

New proven sires:   

La  Waebera PAJERO-ET (Armani x Salto x Tribute): The Armani son Pajero comes out of a very productive line of the famous herd La Waebera. All over he is a very balanced bull with daughters that show a lot of dairyness, high attached udders and fine bone structure.

Proven sires:

Almost 2 weeks after a strong progeny show at EXPO Swissgenetics, VINWAY and MADOX confirm their potential with the December proof run.

VINWAY (Don Juan x Demello x Mr Burns): VINWAY confirms with more daughters his production figures. Its functional traits are in good range everywhere, with excellent calving ease and top persistency. As seen on the group of daughters of the progeny show, VINWAY offspring bring a lot of capacity with strong loins and optimal rump angle. VINWAY is A2A2 for k-K.

Desgranges MADOX (Ladd Red x Demello x Mr. Burns) MADOX even improves his already impressive figures in conformation: ITP 127! All this combined with top fitness values (IFF 122). A good choice for improving milk contents and quality in your tank. MADOX also transmits excellent udders!

Schrago RED IMPULSE (Alchemy x Jordan x Sayso) his mother, European and World Champion 2016 Suard-Red Jordan IRENE, is now EX-97, the highest ranked red cow in Europe! With more daughters in milk, RED IMPULSE confirms his good production values with high contents and k-K A2A2. RED IMPULSE has been able to maintain fitness levels, with high fertility of his daughters (116). Various daughters of RED IMPULSE were able to win titles in the Swiss show scene and the progeny seen abroad looks really nice. Get yourself some IRENE genes with RED-IMPULSE!

New Optimis bull (genomic bull):

TGD CLOVER (Airship x Brekem x Larson) is an Airship out of Brekem Claudine with good production figures and sensational values for fitness (IFF 145, PL 135, FD 140) combined with great conformation. An allrounder without weaknesses, CLOVER is A2A2 and available in sexed semen.

Les Verdaux SINELO SG (Incredibull x Aikman x Goldwin) is the first son of Incredibull out of a deep family going back to the famous Fagin Scarlet EX-94. SINELO has good production traits and high Fitness Values (IFF 130) with high productive life and daughter fertility. Another strength of SINELO is the mammary system (139) with top attachments and suspension.

Flu Farm CRON ROYAL (Power x Applejack x Remedy) is the maternal brother of the OPTIMIS bull CRANBERRY. He transmits good production and high milk contents. All his fitness traits are positive, with outstanding productive life and daughter fertility. CRON ROYAL inherits great conformation traits, specially the mammary system and feet & legs.

Optimis (genomic sires):

Apoll DREAMSON P (Apoll x Aiko x Snowman) improves his already excellent production figures (+ 1'706 kg milk, + 79kg fat and + 70 protein) and conformation (ITP 133). With Kappa Casein BB and Beta Casein A2A2, this bull his also Polled heterozygote. An all-round complete young bull!

Tjr Pat AMNESTY (Pat x Alchemy x Durham) increases his already ‏impressive production indexes. In fitness traits he stands out with a low somatic cell score and longevity (134). AMNESTY has a high udder index with high, tight and silky udders.