RED HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2017

Red Impulse ANJA

Dam of MADMAN, Ruegruet Joyboy MINAPOLIS


New releases:

Schrago Alchemy RED IMPULSE (Alchemy x Jordan x Sayso) is the best and newest daughter-proven bull out of the 2016 European and World Champion cow Suard-Red Jordan IRENE. He was able to increase his milk yield from +355kg to +550kg because of his daughters. In addition he also transmits positive fat (+0.32%) and protein (+0.07%) content. RED IMPULSE held his fitness traits with 71 daughters on an index of 114 and confirmed through this his genomic result. The first daughters from RED IMPULSE have already had some good results in the Swiss show scene, these qualities are from his great mother IRENE. Proven sires:

Plattery Destry RUSTY (Destry x Rustler x Rubens) comes from the same family as the former World Champion Savard RENITA (the family of Pickel VALENCE, Rubens GALANTE and sire INCAS). RUSTY has a breeding value for milk production of +289 kg and milk constituents (fat +0.10%, protein +0.07%), which he increased and retained since the last proof run in August. RUSTY's daughters are attractive for their splendid udders (118). RUSTY is Switzerland's top-selling daughter proven red bull.

Plattery Lucas TWIX (Lucas x Stadel x Rubens) is the half-brother of 2015 World Champion Plattery Savard RENITA and comes out from the same family as RUSTY. TWIX confirms his results with his first daughters in the second lactation. TWIX sires good milk yields with positive fat and protein content and low cell counts. But TWIX's most attractive feature is his superb conformation, special for his rump traits with 123. TWIX can be used in Red Holstein breeding, without problems, on the widespread Destry/Goldwyn bloodlines.

Flury’s Titus BALTIMOR (Titus x Talent x Caveman) He maintains his breeding values both for milk production (+1032kg) and nearly all fitness traits (IFF 108). BALTIMOR is a modern bull and sires medium-sized cows with top udders (120). BALTIMOR transmits low SCS (117) and a long longevity (111). BALTIMOR's semen is very fertile.

New Optimis sires (genomics):

Flu Farm Lst MADMAN (Integral x Joyboy x Kite) is a red son from INTEGRAL out of the famous show cow Ruegruet Joyboy MINAPOLIS EX91. He has a bloodline, which make show lover’s dream because he is out of the crossing of MINAPOLIS and the half-brother of DOORMAN. MADMAN transmits a good production with a fat content off +0.33%. He has good functionality with a note of 116 for fertility, a low somatic cell score (110) and a longevity (118). He shows a great conformation with an ITP of 126. He guarantees big cows (120) with an excellent trait for mammary systems of 121.Alpview ALH AROUND P (Apoll x Ladd x Talent) is a heterozygot polled son from APOLL out of ALH Ladd ALINA. AROUND P comes out of the world famous cow KHW Regiment APPLE-RED EX96 and shows excellent results for production with +1175kg milk and +0.09% protein. His functional strengths are long longevity (132) and a low somatic cell score (132). With an ITP off 124, he shows his strengths in his traits for mammary systems 124!

Optimis (genomics):

Tjr Pat AMNESTY (Pat x Alchemy x Durham) is a bull who is impressive with his high production indexes. His breeding value for milk is over 1000 kg and he also has a positive protein content (+0.18%). In fitness traits he impresses with a low somatic cell score and a long herd life (137). His maternal family impresses with very high fat and protein values. Also impressive is his conformation. His granddam is Kamps-Hollow ALTITUDE EX95, his mother the half-sister to KHW Regiment APPLE RED EX96. AMNESTY himself has a high udder index with high, tight and silky udders.

Vinksland Addiction ATOMAR-ET (Addiction x Aikman x Larson) transmits very positive fat (+0.43%) and protein (+.038%) contents and also offers very strong functional traits. He has kappa casein BB. His values for longevity and fertility lie at 127 and his SCS is 120. His conformation is impressive with an udder conditioning value of 126, standing out is his strong median suspensory. ATOMAR is an all-round sire for good production and cows of fine conformation.

Villstar LORIN Z (Bigstar x Delect x Doberman) is a bull that impresses with his complete production features. He transmits +574kg milk with high positive contents (+0.51% fat and 0.28% protein). Furthermore he impresses with a high fitness value of 130. To be emphasized are the high values for somatic cell score (118) and fertility (121). On his conformation description the high udder index (130) is convincing. He transmits high attached udders with a strong median suspensory to this daughters. LORIN Z comes from the famous family, Lylehaven LILA Z EX94, which was sold as one of the expensive cows worldwide.