ORIGINAL BRAUNVIEH Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2017

Ludwig daughters KATE and GERALDINE

New releases

Bucher’s Vento LUDWIG-ET (Vento x Remigi x Milton): The sire of LUDWIG is one of the giants of the Original Braunvieh breed - VENTO! On the other side, the dam of this bull is the legendary Remigi Luzia EX 94. Ludwig is showing a balanced profile with top indexes for fat %, udder composite, calving ease and low SCS.Proven sires:

ORELIO (Winzer x Voeris x Leo) Once more Orelio has increased his top genomic indexes and now for the first time we have an Original Braunvieh bull with over 1300 Total Merit Index. At this point, we can say without doubt that Orelio is easily the best bull worldwide of this dual purpose breed. Now with 96 daughters, ORELIO is the right answer for all the goals of the Original Braunvieh breed: BB for k-casein, high longevity, functional type, very good production traits and incredible numbers for all beef traits! All in one package!

VERO U-BACH (Lukas x Diamant x Merlo) After LUDWIG and Orelio we’d like to give more information about VERO U-BACH. This bull is our specialist for components and for many of our fitness traits and at the same time one of our best bulls for udder composite index. As a dual-purpose breed bull VERO U-BACH has very good indexes for the beef traits. The daughters of VERO U-BACH are the right cows for organic farms. VERO U-BACH is A2A2 for beta-casein.

Optimis (genomic bulls):

JORAT (Joel x Edual x Voeris): Jorat has once more confirmed his solid genomic profile. Jorat can transmit high performances for protein % and kg, for udder composite, for longevity and milking speed. Now Jorat is available with conventional, sexed and SpermVital semen!

ARCAS (Lordan x Hecht x Gral): The sire of this bull is Lordan, one of the best genomic bulls of the last three years, Arcas has a total GZW index with 1246 points. These numbers are easily making him the best genomic bull of the Original Braunvieh population in Switzerland. There’s no doubt that Arcas will be the star of this breed during the next few months and may be years!

VULKAN (Valido x Karlo x Denar) and VAJAO (Runzli x William x Waldo) are the other two new OB bulls. Both are out of top family and sired by top proven sires and with these two bulls we are adding the choice to improve production, conformation and two important traits like k-casein and beta casein. Both are BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta-casein!!