Open doors at Locatelli Brown Swiss farm in Vedeseta, Italy

Loca GLENN Iola

Loca NELGOR Tortura

On Saturday 14th April, at the farm of Locatelli  Guglielmo e Figli, the annual open doors took place, attended by over 400 breeders and technicians from all over Northern Italy. The wonderful weather and the quality of the appointment made sure that the attendance record was beaten.

This day, well organized by the Locatelli brothers with the help of several sponsors including Swissgenetics and Semex Italia, has now become one of the most important convivial technical appointments of the first six months of the year in Italy.

In this occasion, in front of a group of excellent cows, out of bulls such as ALINO, GLENNCORE-ET, NESCARDO, GLENN-ET, NELGOR, BIG STAR, JONGLEUR-ET and FALK, breeders and experts talked about the fertility of the daughters and the quality of the milk, with the main theme of the k-caseins and beta caseins. These issues are very important for breeders and the Brown Swiss breed and good discussions opened up.

This first part was followed by lunch offered by the hosts. Lunch was based on typical local products, among which stand out the excellent cheeses produced at the farm such as taleggio and strachitunt.

In the early afternoon, the auction of livestock and embryos organized by Team Italia ended this event. Excellent daughters of bulls such as BLOOMING-ET, NESCARDO, ANIBAL-ET, GLENNCORE-ET and FALCO were sold and also embryos of the best cows of the farm and other Italian and foreign breeders.