• Ingmar Kummrow, Export Sales Manager at Swissgenetics

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Ingmar Kummrow - Export Sales Manager at Swissgenetics

Many years of experience in sales and cattle breeding.

iku. Ingmar Kummrow is Export Sales Manager at Swissgenetics and responsible for Northern and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia. In this function he is responsible for the Swissgenetics distributors of our partner SEMEX and other companies. In particular, he is also responsible for market development and the expansion of the distribution network in his area of responsibility. For 15 years he carried out insemination and pregnancy testing of cattle in Germany. Based on this long experience, Ingmar Kummrow today also provides support for training and further educationin the field of artificial insemination.

What he appreciates in his work is the personal contact with people from other cultures, as he is particularly interested in the country-specific interests of the local people and personal exchange.

Previously, he had been successful in sales for 20 years, most recently as Sales Director in Munich. In his spare time Ingmar Kummrow makes his knowledge available as a master beekeeper at home and abroad.

Ingmar Kummrow, Export Sales Manager at Swissgenetics