HOLSTEIN Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2017

Dam: Destined CANDADIA

Dam of BAD, Castel Mogul TALINI

Smarakt DANICA

New Optimis sires (genomics):

TGD-Holstein Powerball COHEN P RC (Powerball x Destined x Lawn Boy) is a red carrier bull with AB for kappa casein and A2A2 for beta-casein. COHEN P is heterozygote polled and comes from the same farm as ROMANUS PP. COHEN P has a high breeding value for milk with +1582kg and positive milk contents (F+0.04%/E+0.16%) and with a low somatic cell score and easy calving is a very complete bull. In the conformation index he impressed with a lot of dairy character (134) and good udders (119).

Optimis (genomics):

TGD-Holstein Powerball ROMANUS PP (Powerball x Ladd x Toystory) is the first homozygote polled Holstein bull at Swissgenetics. A bull that impresses with his high production traits with over 1000kg milk and positive fat and protein contents. In the fitness traits, he transmits very high fertility (130) and a high index for longevity (128). ROMANUS also transmits high and silky udders with a wide rear attachment udder and a lot of dairy strength. ROMANUS is available from Swissgenetics as a Selexyon4M.

Castel BAD RC (Bankroll x Mogul x Demello) is a genomic bull with a milk value (+959kg) and positive fat and protein %. BAD also has very high fitness values. His long longevity and the low somatic cell score stand out. BAD is a top udder sire. He has an udder index of 148 and is the highest Swiss Holstein bull. On the proof base of Canada LPI index he has a direct genomic value of +19 for mammary system. BAD is a red carrier bull.

Walnutlawn SUNLIGHT (Commander x McCutchen x Lavanguard) SUNLIGHT is the only available son worldwide out of SUMMER. SUNLIGHT is high for conformation +14, mammary system +13, feet & legs +14 and dairy strength 7. His top LPI scores are: 107 for mastitis resistance, 2.75 for SCS, 105 for herd life and 108 for daughter calving ability. His production traits are: +1,077kg in milk, +0.27% fat and +0.11% protein. c-casein AB and β -casein A2/A2. (Canadian values)

New Proven sires:

La Prairie GOLRIANO (Bookem x Goldwyn x Quartz) The new daughter proven bull, GOLRIANO, increased his breeding value for milk from +1280kg to +1775kg with his 108 daughters. Furthermore he shows positive protein content +0.06% and is low in somatic cell score (109). His daughters show wide rear attachment udders and a lot of dairy strength.

Frauchwil SMARAKT (Supersire x Bolton x Goldwyn) The SUPERSIRE  son SMARAKT transmit a good milk yield (+1599kg) and a positive protein content (+0.02%). His strengths are in the low somatic cell score (121) and longevity (121). Furthermore he transmits easy calving and a conformation with a wide chest (115) and wide rear attachment udder (119). SMARAKT comes from the same family as the high conformation type bull CONTROL.

Proven sire:

Castel TABASCO RC (Mogul x Demello x Mr Burns) is available as daughter-proven. He confirms his production traits with positive fat (+0.23%) and protein (+0.22%) values. TABASCO is a complete bull with a fitness trait of 107 and a very positive conformation (127). His conformation index shows a high udder suspension. TABASCO is a red carrier bull.