Walnutlawn SUMMER, the mother of SUNLIGHT

At the beginning of May news from Canada reached us, that Walnutlawn SOLOMON, the current show star of the Holstein breed, has dropped out. SOLOMON was a son of Misty Springs Lavanguard SUE VG-89, which in turn goes back to the red factor carrier Glen Drummond SPLENDOR-ET RC VG-86 via FBI, FREELANCER and CONVINCER. The good news: Walnutlawn SUNLIGHT-ET, from Solomon's half-sister Walnutlaw SUMMER, lives on. The Commander son unites a strong conformation with an ITP of 134 and a udder breeding value of 134 with a strong performance inheritance of + 1,588 kg at high levels of +0.13% fat and +0.05% protein. SUNLIGHT-ET is available conventional, sexed and also as SpermVital. Moreover, SUNLIGHT-ET is also a hit in exports. Swissgenetics was already able to export more than 25,000 doses from the exceptional sire. Get the genes of SOLOMONS family via SUNLIGHT-ET!