HO RANDY and KERRIMAN – two strong Swiss Holstein bulls

Claynook FABBY Silver-ET, the mother of Claynook RANDY SG-ET

Frauchwil Doorman SHAILYNNE-ET, the mother of Frauchwil KERRIMAN-ET

Claynook RANDY SG-ET and Frauchwil KERRIMAN-ET as complete Swiss Holstein bulls with very strong breeding values enrich the offering from Swissgenetics. RANDY SG is even the new Swiss Number 1 by total merit index.

Claynook RANDY SG-ET (Randall x Silver x McCutchen)

Claynook RANDY SG-ET with an ISET of 1625 points, is currently the highest Swiss Holstein bull by total merit index. The early Randall-son comes from the Canadian Silver-daughter Claynook FABBY Silver-ET, who was classified VG-87 at the age of two years. His grand-dam ViewHome Mcc FOUND-ET is no less than the full-sister of the famous bull View-Home MONTEREY-ET and further back in the pedigree stands Rudy MISSY. RANDY SG-ET sires very high functional traits together with a huge milk production level of +1915 kg and contents of +0.15% fat and +0.22% protein. In relation to conformation he also shows a balanced breeding profile with a high rump score (110). RANDY SG-ET also promises average sized cows (115) with good udders (125). With a GLPI of 3419 points in Canada, RANDY SG-ET has also demonstrated high values at international level.

Frauchwil KERRIMAN-ET (Kerrigan x Doorman x Bolton)

The pedigree of Frauchwil KERRIMAN-ET goes back to the world-famous Roxy-family via the Cinderelle-branch. His dam, Frauchwil Doorman SHAILYNNE-ET, is the full-sister of Frauchwil DELEY and the half-sister of Frauchwil SMARAKT, both famous Swiss bulls. KERRIMAN-ET sires a complex conformation profile and, as usual from this family, ideal teat length and (103) teat distribution (113/113). His functional traits also know how to impress. KERRIMAN-ET is noted for a somatic cell score of 134 points, for a long productive lifespan of 126 and for fertility and calving ease of daughters each at 118. Concerning Claynook Silver FABBY-ET: her son Claynook RANDY SG-ET is currently the Swiss bull with the highest ISET. As regards performance he sires a further good +1225 kg milk with positive contents of +0.05% fat and +0.28% protein.