HO: Grands-Clos PINCH: The Swiss best-seller available sexed

Dam of Pinch: Lindya Doorman PIPPA-ET

Grands-Clos PINCH has one of the most balanced profiles in the Holstein line-up. He stands out in all functional traits and has a breathtaking pedigree. From Swiss breeders PINCH is a son of the very highly esteemed bull UPRIGHT-ET (KINGBOY-ET from the ROXY family). He also comes from a proven mother bloodline with a dam, who was the first milk cow classified with GP-84, a grand-dam classified with EX-91 2E, and Windy-Knoll-View PLEDGE EX-95 as a base dam further back in the pedigree.

His genomic profile is equally impressive as it does not reveal one single gap. PINCH guarantees positive components (+0.11% fat and +0.12% protein) with a remarkable ISET of 1,594!

PINCH, the top-selling Holstein bull in Switzerland, now available sexed internationally.