BS: GLENWOOD - Show type and top-udder from Glenn GLENA


Who doesn't know her, Pius Schuler's Glenn GLENA EX 96 from Paul Kälin, Steinen SZ? For years she dominated the Braunvieh show rings. One of the biggest career highlights for GLENAS was her victory at the Swiss Classic in Brunegg in 2013. However, she was also a winner in the Wattwil Betriebsmeisterschaft, at the IGBS Show in St. Gallen and in 2015 won the title “Cow of the Year” title awarded by “Swiss Farmers” and «Terre&Nature». We now have her son KÄLINgen Calvin GLENWOOD-ET available. He combines the best of his parents – the udder specialists Vetsch's Nesta CALVIN as father and also Glenn GLENA, the queen of the show rings. Outstanding certainly is GLENWOOD’s udder composite of an unbelievable 139. The udder conditioning is strong in all parts. Particularly strong are the firmly-attached fore udders with a score of 133 and high rear udders, with 127. But in all other parts GLENWOOD’s type heredity is also faultless. With 121 he sires a good frame, whereby above all the chest width of 118 is outstanding. But also as regards his rump (130) and legs and feet (120) GLENWOOD sires hugely above average.

With Glenn GLENAS you can secure for yourself the outstanding genes for best type and strong udders with her son GLENWOOD. He is now also available sexed.