BROWN SWISS Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights December 2017

Hofstetter Biver BEVERLY

Loca Falk CHIARA

KibaFarm Anibal MIOARA

The December proof run, coming three days after Expo Swissgenetics, once again confirms the top qualities of our Brown Swiss bulls. Simbaboy, Biver, Falk and Alasko impressed all the visitors with balanced and solid groups and now these bulls are showing very nice proofs.

New releases:

Scherma Blooming BIVER (Blooming x Nesta x Moiado): BIVER added many new information values in Switzerland, now he has 385 daughters on his proof. At the same time he received the first indexes with the daughters in many other countries. Biver has made a big jump up in milk production and at the same time is confirming his type profile as the first contender of Blooming for the leadership of Conformation and Show Type. At the same time Biver is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein. (Picture: Hofstetter Biver BEVERLY)

FALK (Einstein x Huray x Jolden): Every breeder that milks Falk daughters is telling us the same thing: the daughters of this bull are milking like crazy! FALK combines all best genomic traits of bulls like HURAY and JOLDEN. Falk shows great numbers for all production traits but at the same time he can improve the conformation and the fitness traits. The right bull for the balanced breeding philosophy.

Gantenbein’s Blooming ALASKO (Blooming x Eros x Denmark): Another Blooming son with a full proof. ALASKO, as his sire Blooming, can add dairy character, long body, strong topline and correct rumps but he is a complete bull with a solid profile. Production, conformation, longevity, k-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2. His genetic cross makes him an easy choice for countries like Germany, France and Italy.

Proven sires:

Egochs Dally SIMBABOY (Dally x Vigor x Poldi): Since last April SIMBABOY has been the Swiss leader of the GZW ranking. This bull shows incredible deviations for protein %, udder composite and all traits related to longevity. SIMBABOY is one of the best bulls worldwide for an important trait like the daughter fertility! This bull is an important option for all breeders looking for easy management and cost reductions.  He is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

Lindenhof-TopBS Dally SALOMON (Dally x Macky x Agio): Salomon has a solid proof based on 693 daughters who are in Switzerland, Germany, Italy Austria and France. If you want to improve production and conformation at the same time, Salomon is an easy choice! This bull is the right mate for females sired by BLOOMING and his sons and for females sired by HURAY and his sons. Salomon is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta-casein.

Scherma Glenn BLOOMING-ET (Glenn x Arsene x Premium) We will never stop talking about Blooming! His daughters are dominating the shows worldwide! Blooming is the undisputed leader for conformation and adds great numbers for protein kg and daughter fertility. He has k-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2.

Schärz BS Vigor ANIBAL-ET (Vigor x Mascot x Starbuck) With more than 1300 milking daughters, Anibal continues to be one of the most complete bulls of the breed! This is the right bull for commercial herds with incredible numbers for all fitness traits. Anibal has other two good qualities: k-casein AB and beta-casein A2A2.

Bulls such as NORWIN, GENOX-BOY, CALVIN (available only in Europe), VILENO, GUSTI, NESCARDO and GINO are adding more power to our top line-up of proven sires.

New releases Optimis (genomic bulls):

JANIK (Nescardo x Jongleur x Collection): This bull is the only bull worldwide that can show two winners of Swiss Expo in Lausanne in his pedigree! His dam Jongleur JAQUELINE and his grand dam Collection CORELLA are two of the best show cows of Switzerland and these cows can transmit these qualities! JANIK has a top genomic profile for conformation and show type!

LENNOX (Biver x Calvin x Glenn): The first calves were born during the last three months and now LENNOX is the most used bull in Switzerland with sexed semen! Could be it a good signal? His dam Calvin Leila is the best daughter of Calvin. Lennox has a balanced genomic profile and is showing great indexes for components, fitness and conformation!

VICTOR P (Viking P x Glenn x Vigor): The new top polled bull out of the most popular Swiss cow family. Victor’s dam is a Glenn daughter out of the family of Starbuck JOLA, the dam of our top bull JONGLEUR! With Victor we finally have a complete polled bull: pedigree, genomic indexes and deep cow family!

GATTUSO (Blooming x Zaster x Prunki): One of the last sons of Blooming available worldwide. Out of new cow family with high longevity and high production, Gattuso shows the best milk kg index of all Blooming sons and he adds a nice type profile with very good numbers for longevity and udder composite.

ALLEGRO; HOLDEN, PIERO and BUFFON are four Anibal sons with top genomic profiles and these bulls are on the top of many list in many different countries.

After some years of hard work and investments, Swissgenetics can offer a very good group of polled bulls, please take a look at the bulls listed here below:

BRASILIO PP (Viking P x Vasir x Jamie P) first available homozygote polled bull!

ASTORADO P (Vasient P x Glenn x Vinozak) polled bull with high numbers for production indexes, he is out the Zephir cow family.

PELE P (Promo P x Glenn x Vigor) polled bull out of the Jongleur family.

VERSUS P (Vasient P x Glenn x Emerald) one of the most complete polled bulls worldwide.

Other available polled bulls are AGITO P, VALERO P and KODIAK P.