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BROWN SWISS Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights August 2018

Generally, there is not many new information’s coming back from the farms for the genetic proof between April and August. Indeed many of the new heifers are starting to calve at the end of the summer season. For this reason, we had a reasonable proof run with two very good bulls for the Brown Swiss Breed.


New releases:

Gasis Blooming PRINZ (Blooming x Wagor x Texas): He is the new BLOOMING son with incredible numbers for components (+0.13% Fat and +0.30% Protein). This bull is showing a very functional type profile, a great index for SCE (108) and he is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

Pleisch's Nelgor NELLO (Nelgor x Vigor x Ponente):  The First son of our top proven bull NELGOR is called NELLO. This bull combines great indexes for production (+847 milk kg) with top indexes for all traits of udder composite. The quality of udder has been the most important point of his family, dam and grandma are EX cows with 92 and 94 points for udder! NELLO is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.


Proven sires:

Egochs Dally SIMBABOY (Dally x Vigor x Poldi): This bull leads by far the ranking for Total Index with 1447 points! Components, SCS, daughter fertility index and type functionality are his most strong points: these make him the number one on the list. He is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

Gantenbein’s Blooming ALASKO (Blooming x Eros x Denmark): ALASKO is the BLOOMING son which had the most success during the show. In addition, he is a complete bull for all other traits. In one package, you have: production, longevity and show type! K-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2 are completinge his profile.

PASSAT (Payssli x Glenn x Peter): PASSAT with his second proof as a proven sire with more daughters on his proof continues to be a top bull for milk Kg and udder index. Now he is the second best bull for that important trait.

Scherma Blooming BIVER (Blooming x Nesta x Moiado): With more than 800 daughters on the proof of August 2018, BIVER has improved all his indexes: Kilo milk, components, SCS and persistency are going up one more time! In addition, he has the BB K-casein and A2A2 beta-casein.

XDober's Umberto UDORO (Umberto x Glenn x Pat): He is the right choice in order to improve production, Fat% and SCS at the same time, without losing the daughter fertility and conformations traits! K-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2 are completing his profile.

ANIBAL, BLOOMING and SALOMON The three bulls with 1’000 or more daughters. Thus, this confirm that they have been the right choice of the last 5 years! At the same time, these three bulls are on the top of the list. They can be ordered right now too. BLOOMING and SALOMON are BB for k-casein and A2/A2 for beta-casein.


Optimis (genomic bulls):

New releases

BAYS (Arrow x Nesta x Moiado): BAYS is the maternal brother of BIVER, but with a different genomic profile, BAYS is a great bull for all production traits and for all fitness traits. Sire of sons with the BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

SASCHA (Narcotic x Vigor x Tau): He is another sire of sons with a high international demand. He is the best NARCOTIC son and he shows top genomic numbers for kg Milk and udder composite. The k-casein BB and the A2A2 for beta casein complete his nice profile.

GLENWOOD (Calvin x Glenn x Raymondo): the only CALVIN son of Glenn GLENA available worldwide!! As his dam this bull could be one of the future top bulls for show type. His genomic numbers are a great start to reach this goal!

LENNOX (Biver x Calvin x Glenn): The first calves are born during the last three months and now LENNOX is one of the most used bull in Switzerland. Right now he is the best BIVER son for GZW of our genetic program.

VICTOR P (Viking P x Glenn x Vigor): The best polled bull out of the most popular Swiss cow family. Victor’s dam is a Glenn daughter out of the family of Starbuck JOLA, the dam of our top bull JONGLEUR! With Victor we finally have a complete polled bull: pedigree, genomic indexes and deep cow family!