BROWN SWISS Swissgenetics Breeding Value Highlights April 2018

Arpagaus Passat VALENCIA

Manser’s Joe HANNA

New releases:

PASSAT (Payssli x Glenn x Peter): A different pedigree for the new star of proven sires worldwide. Passat was a very good genomic bull and now he is a complete bull, leading the ranking for mammary systems. At the same time he adds great numbers for all production traits, BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein!

UDORO (Umberto x Glenn x Pat):  The outcross and all-rounder bull can be the right choice for a range of objectives. UDORO catches the attention for his high fat % index, his production profile and at the same time he shows very good numbers for conformations and fitness traits. He is BB for k-casein.

ELAN (Einstein x Latemar x Eagle): It is not easy to find a bull like ELAN with this kind of outcross pedigree. ELAN is the right choice for the BLOOMING, BIVER, HURAY and VIGOR bloodlines. At the same time he can improve production, protein % and kg and all linear traits of udder composite. Another bull with BB for k-casein.

Proven sires:

Egochs Dally SIMBABOY (Dally x Vigor x Poldi): This bull has been at the top of the total merit index (GZW) ranking of Switzerland for the last year. This bull is the right choice if you like to have average size cows with great udders, with high components and incredible daughter fertility. He is BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

Gantenbein’s Blooming ALASKO (Blooming x Eros x Denmark): This bull is a complete son of Blooming. With production, type and fitness in one package, this bull is also a great bull for calving ease. K-casein BB and beta-casein A2A2 complete his profile.

BIVER has more daughters (641 daughters now) on his Swiss proof and at the same time he has improved his production profile adding more than 260 kg of milk. His proof is making all his sons such as LENNOX, VABIO and HIGHLIGHT more interesting.

ANIBAL, BLOOMING and SALOMON have milking daughters in more than 5 countries. They are solid proven bulls with the same top quality everywhere - functionality, longevity and fitness for Anibal, show type, production with a lot of protein for Blooming, incredible production, big and strong cows for Salomon, females sired by BLOOMING and his sons and for females sired by HURAY and his sons. Salomon is BB for k-casein and A2/A2 for beta-casein.

Optimis (genomic bulls):

New releases

Scherma Arrow BAYS (Arrow x Nesta x Moiado): BAYS is the maternal brother of BIVER, but with a different genomic profile BAYS is a great bull for all production traits and for all fitness traits. Sire of sons with BB for k-casein and A2A2 for beta casein.

Duss Narcotic SASCHA (Narcotic x Vigor x Tau): Another sire of sons with a high international demand, he is the best Narcotic son and he shows top genomic numbers for milk kg and udder composite. K-casein BB and the A2A2 for beta casein complete his nice profile.

Manser's Udoro HAEGAR (Udoro x Joe x Tau) and HIGHLIGHT (Biver x Joe x Tau) are two sons of the show winner Manser Joe HANNA. This cow is now one of the best cows in Switzerland and at the same time she has a different pedigree and through her sons she is able to transmit many of her strong points, look at the profile of her sons!

Optimis (genomics)

JANIK (Nescardo x Jongleur x Collection): His sire NESCARDO has special second crop results with many daughters also able to be show cows. The maternal line presents two winners of Swiss Expo in Lausanne! His dam Jongleur Jaqueline and his grand dam Collection Corella are two of the best show cows of Switzerland.

LENNOX (Biver x Calvin x Glenn): The first calves were born during the last three months and now LENNOX is one of the most used bulls in Switzerland with sexed and conventional semen! His dam Calvin Leila has been fresh for a month and looks phenomenal.

VICTOR P (Viking P x Glenn x Vigor): The new top polled bull from the most popular Swiss cow family. Victor’s dam is a Glenn daughter from the family of Starbuck JOLA, the dam of our top bull JONGLEUR! With Victor we finally have a complete polled bull: pedigree, genomic indexes and deep cow family!

To complete our polled line-up we would like to mention:

BRASILIO PP (Viking P x Vasir x Jamie P), he is the first available homozygote polled bull!

VERSUS P (Vasient P x Glenn x Emerald) the polled maternal brother of PASSAT!