Brown Swiss: NELLO and PRINZ - lots of milk and top components



NELLO - Top udder conditioning with a lot of milk 

Pleisch’s Nelgor NELLO is certainly already known to many breeders. Back when he was a promising young genomic bull, he was already frequently used.

Pleasingly he has also proven his result in the progeny testing. With +847 kg milk, NELLO is a secure and weighty performance transmitter of our brown breed. With scarcely indifferent components and kappa-casein BB, he has secured the pasture logo and promises quality cheese milk.

His interesting pedigree NELGOR x Vigor VALENZIA means that NELLO is an outstanding for udder composite. His daughters shine therefore with clear median suspensories and pronounced rear udders.

With a top NRR of 112 he has an excellent fertility.

Through his balanced siring prototypes NELLO can be used widely thanks to his interesting pedigree without Glenn-blood.


PRINZ the small Blooming-son with top components

Gasis Blooming PRINZ is, after ALASKO and BIVER, already the third Blooming-son successful in second crop.

His strengths are in production. With +815 kg milk PRINZ shows outstanding components of fat +0.13% and protein +0.30%. This results in a total sum of +43 kg fat and +50 kg protein. With this huge strength as regards the components, he is one of the best in the Brown Swiss offering.

The combination BLOOMING x Wagor PIA EX-93 results in a balance conformation with Index 115. The average-size Prinz-daughters (sacrum height 106) impress due to their very firm backlines. In the block rump and feet & legs he sires solid traits.

As regards mammary system and teats one can expect many benefits from the terrific daughters.