Our values

We stand for sustainable development

Development in today’s society is moving faster and faster than ever in all areas of our society. Agriculture has always been subject to continuous changes, as farmers have always been looking for cost saving and management solutions. 
As a partner in cattle breeding, we support a farmer’s efforts to develop efficient breeding stock, whether he is focused on dairy, beef or dual purpose cattle. Swissgenetics’ wide line-up of powerful bovine genetics supports these high performance goals, while promoting animal health. We are working to create a genetic base for economical milk and beef production to benefit all farmers.

Our values

We offer our customers the best bovine genetics for their conditions of production and thus make a sustainable contribution to their economic succes. We guarantee the high quality of our products and services trough our comprehensive quality management. We provide our motivated and innovative employees with an ideal environment in which they can constantly improve results for the benefit of our customers.

Global service

Today, Swissgenetics exports on all continents through our partner the global distributor, Semex Alliance. Through Semex’s powerful international distributorship Swissgenetics is represented in over 80 countries world-wide by efficient distributors working hard to ensure the best possible genetics to breeders everywhere. Our bulls are kept in modern, loose housing facilities built for animal comfort.
At our semen collection center, we utilize individual stall housing for our young and proven sires, guaranteeing efficient production through animal health and comfort. Swissgenetics follows standard European Union semen collection and processing guidelines, while also following voluntary sanitary measures that facilitate semen shipments to countries worldwide.

Switzerland’s excellent disease free status and our internal strict standards, in close collaboration with the internationally approved Swiss Veterinary Service, makes each Swissgenetics semen straw a safe, effective product. Fertility has crucial economic impact on milk production.

Therefore, we only accept and process ejaculates with high proportions of normal and motile sperm. Each batch of processed semen is assessed for post-thaw motility and total number of sperm. Only batches that fulfill all required standards are released for sale. These controls carried out with modern lab equipment, ensure a constant, highly reliable and consistent product.

The Global Agenda is a multi-stakeholder partnership emphasizing the contribution of livestock production to achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

“The right breed in the right production system is the key to sustainable dairy and beef production.”

Fritz Schneider, Chair of the Golbal Agenda for Sustainable Livestock. 

Swissgenetics is a member of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.